Suggestions for Food Preservation

Suggestions for Food Preservation

Prof. Gastroenterology Specialist, who draws attention to the risk of spoilage of the foods that citizens who cannot leave the house because of the coronavirus epidemic purchased more than necessary. Dr. Vedat Göral, legumes in a cool place without sun, meat and dairy products He also said that it is necessary to keep the piece to be consumed immediately and keep the others in the refrigerator in the refrigerator.

  1. Some preservation conditions must be observed to keep food fresh and reliable for a long time. Professor Dr. Vedat Göral explained how the food should be exchanged by making recommendations for the preservation of food at home.
  2. Stating that wrong shopping and market shopping will increase contact with the coronavirus. Dr. Göral said, “You should not shop in the market without shouting masks and shouting trades. Because during that shout, the virus can spread very far and pass over the food. Then we take it and take it home. So let’s shop by wearing a mask, provided that it complies with the social distance. Especially shop from the shopkeepers who wear masks. Be careful to buy the products without choosing. ”
  3. Prof. Dr. stated that there will be intensity in the markets before the curfew. Dr. Emphasizing that this is very wrong, Göral said, “We should not leave the shopping to the last day. Because the social distance will deteriorate, the products in the markets may also be exhausted. Do not go to the market after the curfew ends. It will be very busy again. ”
  4. “Let’s disinfect our hands with the disinfectant we carry with us after making the payment in the market,” said Professor. Dr. Göral warned that the shoes should not be taken inside the house. Professor Dr. Göral said, “If we do not consume the products we bring home, we need to put them in the balcony and ventilate them. Wash the product that we need to use urgently with soapy water without removing it from the package. The biggest enemy of the coronavirus is soap, it easily kills. Vegetables and fruits Wash well in plenty of water. Sirkeli we can also soak in water, but the dose of vinegar should be well adjusted. vegetables After washing it, purify it from water and put it in the refrigerator. ”
  5. Reminding that some of the food products are wrapped in aluminum foil, Professor. Dr. Vedat Göral said, “If foil use is long-term, it causes Alzheimer’s disease. Meat and meat products we can wrap it in a plastic or paper bag. Turşuları Put it in glass container, not plastic. It is necessary to stay away from plastics because a number of chemicals can contaminate food. Let’s take care that it is in a glass bottle while taking water. ”
  6. Dr. Göral, formerly sold open cheese, olive He expressed that food products such as, but now should never be taken. Professor Dr. “Both have shelf lives and packaged foods have low contact with viruses,” said Göral.
  7. Noting how the products are bought from the market, Prof. pointed out. Dr. Göral said, “Pasta and dry legumes No need to stay in the fridge. We do not store it in a cool environment in such a way that it does not see the sun. We should also keep the products that are kept cold in the market and stored in the refrigerator at home. Cheese, egg, meat and milk we can’t leave it out. We should keep the rest of our products in the freezer by cutting the pieces that we will not consume right away and keeping as much of what we can eat. ”


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