Recommendations for Adults with Children Staying at Home Due to Coronavirus

Recommendations for Adults with Children Staying at Home Due to Coronavirus

Elif İpek, a Child Development Education Specialist and Parental Consultant, made suggestions for those who want to spend a fun time with their children at home during the coronavirus epidemic.

Firstly; I have to say that children’s perception of time is different from ours. Because their brains are developing rapidly, they feel everything, every situation, every layer of layer. When we adults try a new taste, if we are interested in its presentation, smell and taste; feelings, how much power and effort children require when dividing the color, smell, texture, knife with fork, the content of the food, the flavor of the content in different combinations, how this food came to this table, how much effort it takes on the fork on the fork from the plate to the mouth, they are interested in the satisfaction they provide and many more, of course eat if they are not exposed to a screen that will make you forget what they ate.

The first suggestion; Try to be in your location not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. In this way, you will not bypass the signals from your senses. This whole process of sensation of children is an effort to grasp, to exist and to exist both itself and what is called life. The boring of adulthood or the adult’s longing for childhood may be due to his absence from experiencing the usual experience, assuming he knows everything. When you go to a city for the first time, your interest is different than your interest in the neighborhood you live in.

If children are; the same situation can find a different direction to deal with the thing each time. For example; If he was interested in his story at one time while listening to one book, he might be interested in his visuals in the other, then the characters, then your tone of voice, after which word the page changed, who the author was, who the artist was. Curiosity has no end, this is what is fun.

The second suggestion; stimulate your sense of curiosity, open space for your children, support their presence. Wonder your child too. Our brain works by building patterns. We categorize their experiences and knowledge, and we use these patterns when deciding what to learn and creating ideas from what we have learned. For this reason, our lives are routine to a certain extent. When we fall into too much routine, we start to get tired and away, thinking that everything is annoying or at least tasteless. This means that routines benefit our business and make us feel safe. Especially the children… Disruption of basic routines pushes them to insecurity. The situation has become uncanny. It is both familiar and foreign. Like the mood created by the disruption of our daily life routine due to the coronavirus that surrounds us nowadays.

The third proposal; Make sure you have your daily routines. You can make changes to the content of the routine, but try not to change the process. You can create a routine called morning sports, breakfast preparation, special time, family time after noon, lunch … In the morning sport, you can zumba one day while pillow fight and bed romp the other day.

The fourth proposal is; You don’t always need special materials to have fun. You can produce everything as well as make games without toys. In our childhood, there was not even such a toy world, were we not having fun? Keep in mind; creativity is born out of nothing. Look to discover your surroundings. Remember what you were doing when electricity was cut in your childhood.

The fifth proposal; Share life with those around you. Do not try to teach your children something at any time. I say sharing life because in order to enjoy together, it is necessary to explore together. When you go to a city for the second time, if there is someone who has not seen that city, you will be more interested in your side, the city is overlooked. Your solutions are ready, potential problems are already avoided from the beginning, you focus on showing, not on seeing. While exploring a city together, your excitement, desperation and adaptation are common.

I will say that; time was flowing fast to us adults, it slowed down for us on those coronavirus days Nothing is more valuable than our being and loved ones. Discover and share together whenever we can. Live not like a child, like a child, like your childhood. You don’t need much. Freud says; “The biggest show in the universe begins the moment you discover your mind.”



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