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Prescription Acne Medication List

Prescription Acne Medication List

Acne problem is a serious problem that many adolescents and adult individuals may face at regular intervals. This problem can be serious enough to create various harmful results both in terms of aesthetics and health. Many people who want to get rid of acne problem, after trying cosmetic products can not get positive results are trying medical solutions. Prescription acne medication list options emerge precisely at this point. Hormonal causes of acne formation can be generally eliminated with some medications. We have prepared most common medicines that are used in acne treatment process. If you are interested with this issue, this article will be beneficial for you. You can read the rest of our article to examine them in detail.


Prescription Acne Medication for Adults

There may be many causes of acne formation in adult individuals. Acne formation is a problem in women rather than men. Hormonal problems frequently cause acne formation. However, if hormonal problems last longer than expected, an intervention may be required. Some medications are used for the treatment of acne in adult individuals. Some of these medicines, which are usually available on prescription, can also be purchased without a prescription. You can take a look at the rest of our article to examine these drugs in detail.

Here the main prescription acne medication for adults:

1.Azelaic Acid: This product, which can be used as a cream or gel, provides the elimination of excess oil when applied on pimples and kills the germs on the pimples quickly. Therefore, many people use this kind of acid. After applying this acid to your clean face periodically, you can let it dry.

2. Topical Retinoids: One of the most used drugs in the field of acne treatment, Topical Retinoids contains a high amount of vitamin A. Therefore, it is highly preferred. Topical Retinoids is also preferred by adolescents as a drug with a healthy content.

3. Topical Antibiotics: These medicines usually eliminate conditions that cause acne. Although they are not effective on acne, these drugs are very useful to prevent your acne from increasing. If you use these medications together with medications that will help you to eliminate your existing acne, you can get rid of this problem in a short time.

4. Topical Combination Medications: This medicine, which allows you to fight the bacteria that are formed in acne, has very strong chemical ingredients. This medicine can easily kill acne-causing bacteria, normalize the shedding of dead skin cells, keep pores clear, and reduce the number of comedones.

Other Suggestions For Acne Treatment

Before choosing any of the above types of medication, you should always consult your doctor. Depending on the factor that causes acne, which medication you should take may vary. Therefore, do not choose drugs according to your own readings and knowledge. Instead, make a doctor’s appointment and see a doctor.

You can have a look at our other articles about acne treatment for adults and acne treatment for men. You can find there many informations that explain treatment process of acne problem in detail.

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