Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

While some expectant mothers may be malnourished after receiving the news of pregnancy, some adopt the principle of eating for two with both instincts and the insistence of the close environment in order to get enough nutrients.

The amount of nutrients during pregnancy and the weight to be gained may vary depending on the pre-pregnancy diet and body weight for all expectant mothers. However, I would like to point out that the uncontrolled applications in this period may create permanent problems related to the deficiency of the nutrients needed by the baby. Body Mass Index before pregnancy in healthy, adult women (Weight / height2nd) (kg / m2nd) value 30 kg / m2nd It is not right for the expectant mothers under 3 to lose weight voluntarily by dieting. Normal BMI value before pregnancy (20-25 kg / m2ndA mother-to-be needs a 9-14 kg weight gain during pregnancy with a properly planned nutrition program. It is possible to achieve healthy weight gain with variety and correct portion adjustment. But the most important thing to remember is that each pregnancy process and needs of each expectant mother will be different from each other, just how each of us is different. Therefore, while paying attention to how much the weight of the weight increases during pregnancy, what foods with increased body weight, the following points should be taken into consideration in daily nutrition:

1) Vitamin – minerals: In order to meet the requirement, the supplements recommended by the doctor before and during pregnancy should be used regularly and the needs should be met daily by providing diversity in nutrition. Vegetables and fruits must be consumed in accordance with the season, but especially during pregnancy, vegetables, yogurt, meat group People who cannot consume such foods should replace them with suitable foods in suitable portions and meet their daily vitamin-mineral needs. For example; milkyoghurt To meet the daily calcium and vitamin B needs of mothers who have problems in consumption, appropriate herbal milk is replaced by raw almonds, cheese and take care to consume foods like whole grains. Likewise, the mothers who cannot consume meat group foods are used to meet other nutrients, especially iron and B12. egg, purslane, spinach, chard, dry beans It should take care to consume foods such as more frequently.

2) Omega 3 fatty acids: For this fatty acid, which is very important for the development of the baby’s brain, eye and nervous system, fresh fish should be preferred during the season. However, when fried, it should be cooked in the oven / grill or steamed instead of frying so that the fatty acids do not oxidize due to the high temperature.

3) Quality protein: Adequate daily intake is very important for the healthy development of the baby. Especially the mothers who do not consume meat products are replaced by more rice, pasta, potatoThey prefer meals with less nutritional value by filling them with carbohydrate foods such as pastries. In this case, dry beans, yoghurt and the consumption of raw nuts should be increased and daily protein needs should be met.

4) Packed foods and ready meals: Foods such as preservative, additive-ready soup, ready-to-eat, canned food should be completely removed from the diet. Instead, low-fat dairy products that will keep you full for more nutritious and longer, fresh vegetables and fruits, oat, findings Whole grain products such as should be preferred.

5) Raw and undercooked: animal products (eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, etc.), delicatessen products (salami, sausage, sausage etc.), high-mercury bottom fish (tuna fish, swordfish etc.), all kinds of ready / packaged food, alcohol and smoking should never be consumed during pregnancy.

6) Dessert and frying: In this matter, which is the weakness of most people, if there is no health problem during pregnancy, some flexibility can be provided as long as it is not consumed frequently and portion control is provided.

This period should not be time to be deprived of anxiety of gaining weight. But eating for two is not the right approach either. Only the priority should always be to consume fresh and sufficient amount of food needed in the season.



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