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Facial detergent for dry, acne-prone skin

Wouldn’t it be great if getting rid of acne was as easy as just washing your face? If it just could be that easy! If you have dry skin and acne, it can be particularly difficult to figure out how to take care of your face. That’s why we’ll break it down for you so that you can find the best facial cleanser for dry, acne-prone skin.

Wait, what’s my skin type?

The best facial cleanser for acne depends on your skin type, which changes (Newsflash!) from one week to the next. Your skin can be dry one day, oily the next, or a combination. What makes you change your mind? It can be hormones, your diet, or the season. Your skin type can even be different in different parts of your face – for example, you have an oily T-zone, but dry skin on your forehead. Fortunately, it is not difficult to find out what skin type you have on a particular day.

How to tell if your skin type is dry


Wash your face gently, wait an hour, and then check your skin in the mirror.


Tap a piece of blotting paper (gently) on every area of ​​your face: T-zone, forehead, chin and cheeks. It can be difficult to tell whether what you see on your skin is oil, shine, or just shine. Therefore, check the sheet every time you dab to determine which part of your face was oily.


Wait an hour. If oil has reappeared on your face, your skin type is likely to be oily or combination skin (if you are only greasy in certain areas). “Normal” skin is neither dry nor oily, but smooth and balanced. If you have dry skin, your skin will feel tight and you may also notice dry flakes. If you have combination skin (the most common type of skin), you are oily in your T-zone and normal to dry everywhere else.

Best facial cleanser for dry, acne-prone skin

There is a common misconception that oily skin causes pimples, but acne can also occur on dry skin. Dry skin can be more easily irritated or more susceptible to invading bacteria. If you have flaky skin, these dead skin cells may also clog the works deep in your pores. The right moisturizing cleanser can help you clear things up and reduce dryness.

Your typical anti-acne cleanser may contain ingredients that can make dry skin worse. Therefore, try a moisturizing, non-comedogenic cleanser that refreshes, moisturizes and balances your skin.

We recommend …

The cleaner from Curology Derma-e Hydrating Gentle Cleanser La Roche-Posay Toleriane Moisturizing, gentle facial cleanser

Best facial detergent for sensitive, combined or “normal” skin prone to acne

Regardless of your skin type, our advice is: keep it simple, smartass. Regardless of whether you have sensitive skin, combination skin or “normal” skin, a gentle cleanser is sufficient. Even if one part of your face is more sensitive than the other, or more oily or drier than the other, you can’t go wrong with a simple one. gentle facial washing that is suitable for all skin types.

The cleaner of Curology

We love this cleaner because we developed it for curology members. It is ideal for sensitive, acne-prone skin because it is formulated with non-comedogenic ingredients and is free of parabens, allergens, sulfates, fragrances, dyes or other substances that could irritate your skin.

We also recommend …

If you have another favorite cleanser that your skin likes – especially if it’s formulated as gentle or for sensitive skin – you can keep using it! However, if you do break out, check the ingredients to make sure your favorite cleaner isn’t the culprit.

Micellar water: the cleaning alternative

Micellar water is a secret shortcut of one minute to cleanse the skin. A few drops on a cotton pad, a skin care product from French pharmacies, remove oil, dirt and makeup in a hot minute. It is ideal for on the go, as it even comes with gentle facial tissues that you can put in your pocket.

We recommend …

Bioderma Sensibo H2O – for normal to sensitive and acne-prone skin Bioderma Sébium H2O – for oily skin Bioderma Hydrabio H2O – for dry skin Bioderma Sensibio H2O Wipes – for cleaning on the go

If in doubt, it is about individual skin care

If a detergent alone is not enough for your skin prone to acne It could be time add a custom formula for prescription ingredients with Curology. If you haven’t tried us out yet, sign up for a free trial today and pay only $ 4.95 to cover the cost of shipping and handling your first bottle of custom acne control cream, a non-comedogenic detergent, and a moisturizer to cover with it if you want! Just apply it at night after cleansing your face and let it do the work while getting some beauty sleep.

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