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Hi there! Acnes or, more like in a street term, pimples are seen as enemies of most of the people who are struggling with it. If you have acnes, you probably have done a research about them in one point in your life.

I am just guessing, but in those researches, you may be found out that there are several ways to get rid of those stubborn pimples. I am a person who is trying to help people who are struggling with acne by trying out medical treatment and alternative medicine methods. I am trying out those methods on both myself and other people with trial and error method.

I feel like it is my duty to share the information I gather to help people with acne. You will find articles that are about acne occurrence, acne treatment, the things you can do at home to get rid of acne, etc. I sincerely hope that my articles will help you on this journey of eliminating acne on your face or your body.



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