7 Tips To Get More Fit In Summer

7 Tips To Get More Fit In Summer

How about getting more fit for summer with a few simple tricks? If we think that lifestyle changes will help your whole life, some minor changes will make a big difference in your life.

  1. The most important part to be considered in the summer nutrition is to maintain the body’s fluid balance. With hot weather, fluid is lost by sweating. By replacing this lost fluid, you prevent the body from dehydration, that is, being dehydrated. Water provides the regulation of blood circulation and prevents edema in the body. Even if there is no feeling of thirst during the day, care should be taken to drink water. Your weight of water you need to drink daily x 35ml. you can find it by calculating.
  2. It should not be preferred to eat calories, heavy, fatty fried, pastries with plenty of summer period. The protein the body needs is more dairy products and leguminous try to get it. Colorful in summer vegetables and the fruit Including in your diet is very important in meeting the vitamins and minerals you need. Take care to choose fiber complex carbohydrates such as grain bread, bulgur, instead of simple carbohydrate foods (sugar and sugary foods) that quickly raise and lower blood sugar quickly. Dried legumes are a nutrient with a high dietary fiber rate, keeping it full for a long time, keeping blood sugar in balance and low in glycemic index. Be sure to consume legumes at least 1-2 times a week. Pulses salads are one of the saviors of this period.
  3. To summer fruits As for, all of them are actually fruits that are very important to us and have different functions. We should consume at least 2-3 servings of different fruits every day so that we get different vitamins and minerals. What is important to us is the portion, 1 portion of fresh fruit is practically as dry as your fist, and when you shake your hand, it is as much as the palm of your hand. Summer fruits are very valuable as they have rich antioxidant capacity.
  4. Since the brain toughness signal goes late after eating, you should eat your food slowly. Wait about 20 seconds between your donuts. Even the time until you leave the spoon or fork on the table and take it back is enough for you to eat slowly.
  5. Vegetables and dried legumes cook your meals with less oil. 2 tablespoons per 1 kg of food liquid oil It is sufficient.
  6. 2-3 cups daily coffee consumption is sufficient. Stay away from extra cream, syrup and additive sugar. Prefer milk instead of milk powder.
  7. Include more physical activity in your life. Walking, swimming, exercising 3 times a week will speed up your metabolism and help you feel more vigorous.

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