14 Golden Rules in Nutrition Against Corona Virus

14 Golden Rules in Nutrition Against Corona Virus

Stating that everyone should comply with the precautions to protect against the virus, Specialist Dietitian Büşra Atmaca said: “You know, a virus called corona virus (Covid-19) brought life almost to a halt in the world. In our country, the society is worried due to the increasing number of people infected with the virus and the deaths.

Strictly adhering to precautionary measures without panic is very important for protecting our personal health, but it is also a citizenship duty. Until the virus loses its feature of being dangerous for public health, utmost attention should be paid to hygiene rules, and homes should not be left unless it is compulsory. I guess living like this for a while should be accepted as an obligation rather than a preference ”.

Büşra Atmaca, who also gives information about how to be fed to protect against viruses, said, “Nutrition is an important factor that protects our health and improves our quality of life at every stage of our lives. The immunity, that is, healthy intestinal system, will also strengthen body resistance. This will help protect us from antivirus. 14 golden rules for a healthy and strong immune system are:

  1. Start the day with breakfast, do not skip meals, take care to consume 3 main and 3 snacks. Always wash the fresh green vegetables and fruits you buy from outside with vinegar water, place them in the cabinets, peel the fruits and consume them.
  2. Take care to buy packaged products instead of open foods, clean the outer packaging of the products you buy with a disinfected cloth. After use, close the mouth tightly to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.
  3. Fresh vegetables, fruit, legumesEat foods high in nutritional value and fiber content, such as, oats, vegetable dishes.
  4. High probiotic content; homemade yogurt, kefir, tarhana and pickleBe sure to be among your nutritional preferences.
  5. Foods with high antioxidant content; Red beet, spinach, carrot, walnut take care to consume, “he said.
  6. Emphasizing that attention should be paid to water consumption, Atmaca said, “Avoid excessive consumption and exercise at home in this period when your movement is restricted.
  7. Pay attention to the sleep pattern and get enough sleep.
  8. Consume 2.5-3 liters of water a day to keep body temperature in balance and toxin removal.
  9. Avoid foods such as frying, over-fat, sugary, cola, chips, chocolate.
  10. At home, try to prepare compote, juice, yogurt, cake, kefir, choose to boil or cook your meals in the oven.
  11. Avoid excessive caffeine intake.
  12. Do not consume more than 2 cups of herbal tea or coffee a day.
  13. Take care to consume one mineral water per day.
  14. Do not use supplements without consulting a specialist. Do not worry and calm your breathing, practice breathing exercises. ”

Source: https://www.sozcu.com.tr/hayatim/yasam-haberleri/corona-virusune-karsi-beslenmede-14-altin-kural/1/?_szc_galeri=1

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